Rich Seidel

Co-Founder & Creative Director of Blue Stripe Creative. Twitter: @thebluestripe

Professional Designers, Amateur Beginners and Everything in Between

The print industry deals with a wide ranger of characters who submit artwork to be printed. Some people are professional designers that create artwork for a living, most of them have a working knowledge of the print process and can supply accurate files. Then you have the the amateurs that are just beginning and learning …

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What the ‘K” in “CMYK” stands for.

CMYK is a term used often in the printing industry. It stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and BLACK. This refers to the four-color printing process. This color combination can produce a wide range of colors needed for the print job. You are probably wondering why they use “K” instead of “B”. 

In the Bag

A lot of people carry bags with them. You ever wonder what some people are carrying in those bags? Here is a peek inside of my bag: iPad Cosmonaut stylus MacBook Pro Nintendo 3DS Amazon Kindle Sketch book Cleaning rag iPhone Paper Wallet Chargers Magic mouse Business cards Gift certificates Sunglasses Pencil and pens (with …

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