Professional Designers, Amateur Beginners and Everything in Between

The print industry deals with a wide ranger of characters who submit artwork to be printed. Some people are professional designers that create artwork for a living, most of them have a working knowledge of the print process and can supply accurate files.

Then you have the the amateurs that are just beginning and learning how to set up files that will print well. If you are using a good printer they should be able to assist these beginners and teach them how to do it right.

And of course you have the secretary who were told by their boss to “throw something together” for a presentation or brochure to represent their business. This is where it gets sticky.

Normally they submit Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher files because “that is all they know how to use.” The problem with this is that those program are made for home printing on your desktop printer and are usually not suitable for a professional print setting. While most printers can work with those files it takes extra steps to insure the file print out properly. Add the fact that a brochure may need to be folded in thirds and you can have a real messy layout on your hands. Before setting up a file for print it is beneficial to check with your print provider before you start, it will make everyone’s life easier. They may be able to give you some tips and can even assist you in the design.