Why your logo should look good in black

With a lot of people starting small businesses these days we see a bunch of new logos popping up each day. Your logo is a symbol that will visual represent your brand. You want it to speak the right tone and attitude that your business has.

Your logo is going to appear in many places. It will be on your stationery, website, brochure etc. it may also appear ok other prints items such as pens or shirts. You want to make sure that our logo is recognizable on any material it is printed on.

A typical design role is that a logo should look good and still be recognized in black. This is because sometimes your logo will appear in one color for one reason or another. Maybe you are getting shirts done and you are screen printing one color on the shirt. If your logo is a full color picture this will not translate over to the shirt well. Having a logo that looks good online color will also save you money on printing cost when reproducing it if you need to cut cost in certain projects. Also if it looks good on black this means that you have created a good symbol that people associate with you brand. A simple design that tells your story on a quick bursts when it is seen by people.