Marketing Minute: Issue #2

The first issue of our daily newsletter, Marketing Minute, received a warm welcome from our subscribers and we are glad to be able to bring you a minute of value. Today we look at some new Facebook metrics, how to use Instagram Stories, and dive into how Instagram learns from your likes. Take a minute to see how these things pertain to your small business.

How To Use Instagram Stories Like A Pro

Instagram Stories is a amazing way to be creative and market your business. You can show the personality and showcase your business using Stories. If you have no clue how Instagram Stories work, this articles explains it from beginning to end. Bookmark this link for future use. (Source: The Verge)

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Facebook Will Tell Brands If The People Clicking Their Ads Actually Made It To Their Sites

Measuring your advertising on Facebook is an important part of a solid strategy. Although they already let you know how many clicks your ad is getting, now they are taking it a step further. Facebook ads will now report if that the person actually visited your site when they click on the link. Sometime people back out before the page loads and this means they really didn’t visit the page. This new metric will be useful for accurate reporting. They will also be able to differentiate if the person is a new or retuning visitor to your site. These are great metrics to add to the measurements of your ads. (Source: The Marketing Land)

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How Instagram Learns From Your Likes To Keep You Hooked

In order to use social media platforms to market your business, it is important that you know how they do what they do. The Instagram algorithm takes the data from when people “like” posts on the platform and uses that to suggest photos, other accounts, and ads to them. They also use data from their parent company, Facebook .You can attract people that may be interested in your product or service by using specific hashtags and captions in your posts.  Learn more about how the algorithm works in this article.  (Source: Fast Company)

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