Marketing Minute #8: Marketing to Millennials

At some point you are going to need to focus some of your marketing efforts on a major market segment… millennials. Today we look at how how you can leverage content marketing to engage with millennial shoppers, and we get a sneak peek at some new emojis coming out later this year. Take a minute to learn to market to a generation that grew up with the internet.

How To Connect With Millennials Using Content Marketing

Millennials are a large segment of today’s consumers and it is good to know how to market to them. They grew up with technology and they use it every day. They do not take well to traditional marketing such as television, radio and print ads. Digital marketing (social media marketing) gives you the chance to make content the focal point of your advertising. Millennials are always looking at what is in it for them and by delivering value in your content you can supply entertainment and information to build trust. They can help you amplify your brand or business by sharing their experiences online. With the right strategy you will be able to reach a whole new market! (Source: Business 2 Community)

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Apple shows off some of the new emoji coming to iOS and macOS later this year

Emojis continue to grow as a way we communicate, knowing which ones are out there can be useful for your marketing efforts. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Take a look at some of the new emojis you will be able to tell your story with. (Source: The Verge)

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