Marketing Minute #45: What to Post on Each Social Media Platform

So you have all your social media channels set up, now what do you post on them? Deciding what to post on each platform can be a daunting task. Take a minute to see what you should be posting on each channel.

What to Post on Each Social Media Platform: The Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Social Content

“Not all content needs to be shared everywhere. And not all content is suitable for every social media platform.”

The short cheat sheet version to posting on social media is listed below. For an in depth look at what to post, please read the full article.

Facebook: Videos and curated content
Instagram: High-res photos, quotes, Stories
Twitter: News, blog posts, and GIFs
LinkedIn: Jobs, company news, and professional content
Pinterest: Infographics and step-by-step photo guides
Google+: Blog posts that you want to rank on Google

(Source: Business 2 Community)

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