Marketing Minute #37: Why Are Mobile Friendly Websites and Content Important?

Most people surf the web on a mobile device these days. Making sure your website is mobile friendly is very important. Take a minute to see how you can make your site look good on any device it is viewed on.

Why Are Mobile Friendly Websites and Content Important?

Having a mobile friendly website is the norm these days, not the exception. Not only is it important for your search rankings, it also makes it easier for visitors to navigate your site. Here are some other reasons you should have a mobile site:

  1. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites
  2. People everywhere use mobile
  3. It helps you build credibility
  4. It’s becoming a standard best practice
  5. You can reach more customers, faster
  6. You’ll make your customers much happier
  7. Because Google wants you to do it
  8. Your website will look great and function well on any device
  9. It benefits your reputation
  10. Your business will be seen as modern and relevant

Read this article for more details and also 5 ways to make your content mobile friendly. (Source: Business 2 Community)

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