Marketing Minute #32: Which Web Design Is Best For Your Business?

Should you build an app for your business? The short answer we give our clients is… no. Take a minute to see whether you should have an app for your business.

Web Design: Native, Hybrid or Responsive, What Format Is Made For Your Mobile Application

Lots of clients ask us if they should build an app for their business. The main reason we tell most of them no is because usually a mobile responsive designed website is enough. Your site can have most of the functions of any app, and it is available to everyone on the web, instead of limited to an app store. Most people use a search engine to find your business on the web anyway.

For many small businesses it is not necessary to have a stand alone app. Having a mobile responsive site is more than enough for your clients to find out more about your business and reach you. The main purpose of most small business sites is marketing. You want to be accessible on the web for current and potential customers. Read this article for more info about apps versus websites. (Source: Business 2 Community)

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