Marketing Minute #28: What should you do with all those ‘Likes’?

Everyone is out there looking for “likes” on their social media posts. What exactly does a “like” do for your business? Take a minute to see how you can turn “likes” into sales.

What should you do with all those ‘Likes’? How to spin social followers into gold

So you have built a following on social media and are getting tons of “likes” on your posts, now what? In order to turn that following into sales you need a strategy. “No, you shouldn’t necessarily equate your follower count to dollars and cents. You should, however, consider opportunities to turn those followers into revenue in some way, shape or form.” You should educate your followers instead of just pushing advertising out to them. This will build trust and turn them into potential customers when the time is right for them to buy. (Source: Marketing Land)

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