Marketing Minute #15: QR Codes May Finally Be Useful

When QR codes came out they were clunky and difficult to use. Today we look at how the new iPhone software can change the way we utilize these codes. Take a minute to see how QR codes can benefit your business.

Apple’s Support of QR Codes, NFC Tags Will Help Grow the Physical Web Ecosystem

The QR code has been around for a while. It has many uses but is often overlooked by consumers. The purpose of most codes is to bring the person who scans it to a website or some other digital location. The first problem is that QR code are ugly. The second issue is that most people do not have the proper app on their mobile phone to scan the code, and even when they do it is cumbersome to scan the code through a third party app.

In the new version of the iPhone software (a device many people carry with them) you will have the ability to easily scan QR codes without bothersome software. This may increase the chances of someone scanning your code. The other thing is that social media platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook Messenger are making the codes better looking. Other technologies are emerging as well to create a more well designed QR code.

Keep in mind when you use a QR code to get people to go to your website, they will be doing so on a mobile device. Be sure your site is mobile friendly, so the visitor can properly view it.  (Source: Business 2 Community)

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