Marketing Minute #14: Fighting Bad Reviews

Online reviews are very important to local based small businesses. They can help with SEO and also give potential customers a look at how others view your products and services. Many small business owners are worried about getting bad or spammy reviews online. Today we look at things you can do to fight review spam. Take a minute to see how keeping track of your reviews can help your business.

Fighting Review Spam: The Complete Guide for the Local Enterprise

Many small local based businesses are concerned when it comes to online reviews. They worry that a competitor or ex employee can intentionally leave a bad review to try and hurt their business. There are ways to fight this. This article defines a spammy review as “…one that misrepresents either the relationship of the reviewer to the business, misrepresents the nature of the interaction the reviewer had with the business, or breaks a guideline.” This guide is rather lengthy, but it is something you should bookmark for future reference. It goes through the proper ways you can report spammy reviews and get them removed. (Source: Moz)

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