Marketing Minute #12: Your Customer’s Journey

A big part of marketing is being part of the customer journey. Today we look at how you can be in the right place at the right time, and how to publish ads on Snapchat. Take a minute to see how the customer journey can effect your sales.

Developing Content For The Customer Journey

“SEO today is about user experience.”  Many small businesses are concerned with search engine optimization. With ever changing algorithms, the best thing to do is to create content that answers any question website visitors may have. Good modern day SEO keeps the customer’s journey in mind. Optimize your content to the customers intent. (Source: Search Engine Land)

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Snapchat releases Snap Publisher: self-serve ad creation tool converts horizontal videos, websites into vertical video ads

Snapchat has a young demographic but their user base is growing daily. Advertising on Snapchat just got a bit easier with the introduction of Snap Publisher, a platform that helps you create ads that can be displayed on the social media channel. Adding Snapchat to your social media marketing efforts is a good way to round out your overall digital strategy. (Source: Marketing Land)

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