Don’t Push, Pull (in a social media world)

When it comes to social media and business, many people feel that the more likes and follows you have the better. There is only some truth to this. Many will say that advertising and marketing is numbers game.

With all the media available to people these days you have to play the “quality” game over the numbers to get the attention of people. Yes you want the most people to see your post, tweet or Instagram picture, but if you are not putting out quality no one will interact with it. The more interaction your content gets the more others will see it as well. Facebook, for instance, has algorithms built in that will only prominently show posts that have genuine engagement. You can buy this exposure but why do that when you can get organic clicks with some good content.
People’s news feeds are busy these days, your offerings to them needs to be informative and engaging. Good content utilize social media to engage. The more engagements the better. It is not a push media. It is a pull media. You need to pull people in and interact with them. This is not some print ad where you are shoving things in the consumer’s face.
Take a look at your social media pages, are you really supplying your followers with value and interacting with them? Make sure your posts are encouraging true interaction with people, they don’t call it “social” media for nothing.