Choosing a Marketing Company Over a Print Shop

Many times when you need a printed piece you think of going to a print shop. We come from a print background and we know the importance of the print shop, but in this day and age the print shop has become a commodity. Print quality has become standard in the industry. A print shop will be able to put ink on paper for you, but if you need more of creative touch and some assistance on getting your message out there you want to consider a dedicated marketing company instead. 

You can walk in to any printer and most will have a staffer that “handles” the graphic design. Usually this person is spread so thin also watching digital presses and answering phones that they are not going to pay enough attention to your design project. While they may be able to produce something passable, the full creativity needed to spread your message may not be there.
This is where a marketing company comes in. They are fully dedicated to designing print collateral to meet your needs. They have a great working knowledge of the printing process and will know how to handle the project beginning to end. It is like having a in house team on your side. You get one on one attention for your project. They will know exactly what printed items you need to get your message out.
Another option you may want to consider is using a marketing company for your creative and design and then taking the finishes files to a print service provider. Though it is better to have the marketing company take care of it all so that the process is much smoother, this is another way you can take.
All in all you need to evaluate your project and ask yourself if you just need ink on paper or if it something a bit more you are looking for.