Capturing Creativity

Capturing Creativity PhotoAs a creative professional you have to keep an open mind.

We get paid to create things and we are very lucky to do so. Creating something that wasn’t there before can be a huge task. Some make it look easy but there is a process behind it. That creative process can start with an idea or inspirational moment.

Creativity happens while living life.

There is no on/off switch for creativity. An idea can strike anywhere at anytime and most of the time it doesn’t happen when you are staring at the glow of a computer screen. It happens when you are talking a walk or in the shower or riding a bike. Many times I find myself on the side of the bike trail drawing a sketch or typing a note into my iPhone to get that idea down before it evaporates into thin air. I make sure I always have a place to capture an idea when it pops up, whether it be a Field Notes notebook or having the Evernote app at arms reach.

Creativity doesn’t happen in a nice neat place. Every minute of ever day is an opportunity for a idea or inspiration to strike.

It’s not so much that I need to make space for creativity, I just need to be there with a big enough net to catch it when it occurs.

So ask yourself, are you ready to capture creativity when it happens?

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